pull and dry cloth hanger

pull and dry cloth STAND World's Finest Cloth Hanging System

Give an enhanced look to your Home! by buying the best Ceiling Cloth Drying Hanger | Pull and Dry Cloth Hanger Which uses Minimum SPACE Maximum CLOTHES can be dried.

Are you still drying your clothes in a traditional way?

Generally, in the conventional methodology, people use ropes to dry clothes, the rope that’s tied between two walls is permanent and can never be fully tightened to avoid sagging. Mehek Pull and Dry | Mehek Marketing Services have a permanent solution to dry plenty of washed clothes even in congested flats easily with effortless operation. The Aluminum pipes & stainless steel pipes used for making the products helps prevent rusting or oxidation while providing sound strength and durability.

pull and dry cloth hanger

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Benefits OF Mehek Pull and Dry

Enhance the beauty of your house by not having to dry clothes outside.
Gain privacy by drying indoors.
Free yourself from dependence on the weather.
Save space in homes with limited drying space.
Looks tidy, Elegant, and represents a decor product.
Dry Naturally – Saving Electricity.
It’s stylish and strong with drying space – 4 feet to 48 feet.
Quality, Comfort & Durable (Quality is not expensive it’s priceless), We Never Speak our Product will Speak. Best Quality is our Motto.
Can be fixed in a number of ways depending on the user’s need.

Perfect for

Balconies, Laundry Rooms, Over Bathtubs, Closet Areas, Store Rooms, Corridors / Pathways, Terrace wall sides, House Backyards.

What You Get

Free Installation Free Home Delivery Across Mysore.
One Year Free Services From the date of purchase.
One Years Warranty.

pull and dry cloth stand
pull and dry cloth hanger


We’ve been supporting homes for over 16 years with our extensive range of cloth drying solutions. At MEHEK PULL AND DRY, every one of our products is designed keeping you in mind. We take pains to ensure that each is functional, efficient. easy to use and great looking!

Our products are engineered from the highest quality raw materials in state-of-the-art production facilities.
Each goes through stringent quality checks and processes to ensure you have an unmatched experience while using them.
So rest assured that when you buy At MEHEK PULL AND DRY, you are buying the best!

Made of stainless Steel Pull and Dry Cloth Hanger

The Pull and dry Cloth Hanger is Made of Heavy Duty Stainless Steel material which is rust-free and with heavy-duty stainless steel pipe which supports even if the cloth hanger is fully loaded with wet clothes. It’s suitable for all kinds of environments.
The cloth hanger products are eco friendly. Occupy less space, easy to operate, zero maintenance.
It is very easy to use in your house as it occupies zero floor space.
The pull and dry cloth hanger is made with heavy-duty aluminum pulley powder coated which ensures safety and long product life.
The high-grade acrylic mono nylon rope makes the cloth hanger product even more durable, long life, and high performance.
Ceiling cloth drying hanger Available in Different Lengths Like 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, and 8feet.

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We Have Successfully Installed Mehek pull and dry in many industries:

We have completed installing more than several Homes, Flats, Hostels, Hotels, Retail Centers, and Hospitals, our product collection caters to several domestic as well as institutional clients in Mysore, Bangalore, Mangalore, Hassan, Coorg, and many parts of the Karnataka. Mehek pull and Dry | Mehek Marketing Services Looking ahead, we intend to ensure that our product collection blends the finest of functionality and ergonomics with an avant-garde style focused on details, so that you get the best value for your money and above all, beautiful living.