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About Mehek Pull and Dry
To make a positive difference in the business of our customers through the best possible customer service, Quality of Products, and competitive prices.


About us Mehek Pull and Dry

About Mehek Pull and Dry, We’ve been supporting homes for over 16 years with our extensive range of cloth drying solutions. At MEHEK PULL AND DRY, every one of our products is designed keeping you in mind. We take pains to ensure that each is functional, efficient. easy to use and great looking!

Our products are engineered from the highest quality raw materials in state-of-the-art production facilities. Each goes through stringent quality checks and processes to ensure you have an unmatched experience while using them. So rest assured that when you buy MEHEK PULL AND DRY, you are buying the best!

Convenient to dry your wet clothes and Easy Now!! This Mehek pull and dry product do not take up more space in your home or balconies to dry your wet clothes. Makes it ideal for elderly people and anyone because it helps in drying cloth with minimum effort. Gain privacy by drying indoors, free yourself from dependence on the weather, Looks tidy, Elegant, and Represents a Decor product, Time-saving, Space-saving, Eco friendly, Easy to operate, zero maintenance. Quality, Comfort, and Durable (Quality is not expensive it’s priceless), We Never Speak our Product will Speak.

Our Mehek pull and dry pulley cloth drying roof hanger are fit to ceiling/roof to hang your clothes. in available space like Utility, balconies, bathroom, bedroom, corridors/pathways, Laundry rooms, closet areas, storerooms, terrace walls and backyard of house Dry your clothing with easy to use, reliable, attractive pulley based roof hanger, the indoor roof hangers have 6 pipes individually adjustable drying stainless steel pipes. This product is available in different sizes and lengths from 4 to 8 feet. The stainless steel pipes are rustproof suitable to be used in all ranges of situations. The clothes dry faster due to high temperatures at the ceiling/roof. This makes it look great and provide an alternative to the traditional dryer. It is also ideal for homes and businesses looking for indoor cloth drying roof hanger Pull and dry where space is at a premium. Easy to maintain and operate the pulley system cloth drying roof hanger.

We have a range of Drying Clothes Products:

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We Have Successfully Installed Mehek pull and dry in many industries:

MEHEK PULL AND DRY have installed more than several homes in Mysore, Bangalore, Mangalore, and many places, hostels, hotels, retail centers, or hospitals, our product collection caters to several domestic as well as institutional clients.

We Have a Variety of Products:

Foldable Aluminum Ladders, Foldable Steel Step Ladders, Telescopic Aluminum Ladder, Industrial ladders, Ironing Boards, Iron Table, Foldable Ironing Board, Extra-wide Foldable Ironing Board, Light Ironing Board, Wall Mounted Shoe Rack, Wall Mounted Shoe Rack, Metal Shoe Rack, Cloth Drying Stand, Foldable Cloth Drying Stand – Small, Medium and Large Size, 3-Tier and 4-tier Foldable Cloth drying Stand, etc…

Mehek Pull And Dry | Mehek Marketing Services Looking ahead, We intend to ensure that our product collection blends the finest of functionality and ergonomics with an avant-garde style focused on details so that you get the best value for your money and above all, beautiful living.

It is situated at Udayagiri Circle, Mahadevapura Main Road, Next to Mahalakshmi Sweets, Mysore Karnataka, which makes it easy to find to our Customers for first-time visits.

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